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Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the main Research and Innovation Funding Programme of the European Commission.

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the previous Funding Programme. There are no longer calls, but projects can run until 2024.

Digital Europe

Digital Europe is a Funding Programme focused on bringing digital technology to businesses, citizens and administrations.

Other EU Funding

There are many other relevant EU funding programmes, managed by several agencies and directorates.


ERA for Health

ERA for Health

Partnership website:

The partnership aims at establishing a flexible and effective coordination between funding organisations in the European Research Area (ERA) for Health and Well-being. The Partnership started its activities in November 2022. Flanders is actively involved.

The Partnership 'Fostering a European Research Area for Health' (ERA4Health) brings the opportunity to increase European transnational collaborative research funding by creating a funding body for joint programming in priority areas addressing European public health needs. 

Participation Flanders

The Partnership brings together 33 partners and 27 funding organisations from 22 countries. Among the consortium partners are Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) and Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO). 

Located in Flanders & interested in the Partnership? Consult the dedicated FWO webpage

Open & Forthcoming calls for proposals

  • OPEN NOW: NutriBrain - Modulation of brain ageing through nutrition and healthy lifestyle
  • To be launched soon: NANOTECMEC - Nano and advanced technologies for disease prevention, diagnostic and therapy

Past calls for proposals

  • CARDINNOV - Reserach targeting development of innovative therapeutic strategies in cardiovascular disease. 
  • HealthEquity - Increasing health equity through promoting healthy diets and physical activity. 

Results of both calls are expected in Autumn 2023.

Key documents


Commission services:

Partnership: Contact - ERA4HEALTH

What are partnerships?

Partnerships group the EC and private and/or public partners, to coordinate and streamline the research & innovation initiatives and funding in some selected key domains.

How to use partnerships?

  • orientation
    Partnerships publish strategic documents, e.g. outlining the main research and innovation challenges or key focus points.
  • networking
    Partnerships often organise events, such as info days, brokerage events, etc. Meet potential partners and learn about the nuances that are not visible in the official documents.
  • ecosystem analysis
    Partnerships typically have an advisory board, and publish impact studies of previous actions. These are good sources of information to uncover the main R&D&I players in the domain.
  • steering the agenda
    Partnerships collaborate with the EC on outlining the strategy and the future funding opportunities in their domain, based on input from industry, academia, and other stakeholders.


image of Circusol - Circular Business Models for the Solar Power

Circusol - Circular Business Models for the Solar Power

Circusol is an Innovation Action project funded under a cross-cutting work programme part of Horizon 2020. Circusol aims at unleashing the full potential of circular business models, in particular Product-Service Systems, in simultaneously delivering real environmental, economic and user benefits. By that, Circusol aims to establish solar power as a spearhead sector in demonstrating a path driven by service-based businesses towards a circular economy in Europe.

A strong Flemish partnership in new Horizon 2020 project on circular economy business demonstrators, including VITO (Coordinator), IMEC, Ecopower cvba, Futech bvba, PV Cycle aisbl and Daidalos Peutz bvba.